Monday, November 1, 2010

Yummy New Things

Last night was Halloween but my boyfriend and I did not participate. We went to Waffle House and actually had a good dinner. I had my doubts at first but was pleasently surprised with the results.
Our waffle house is like 5 minutes away so we really weren't feeling fast food and decided on this. (not like its any healthier than fast food)

I actually had the most delicious bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhich. Ah it was great. I had a few bites of a chocolate waffle and hashbrowns but I was pretty much full. Anyways back to the real point of my blog, I uploaded one video so far on YouTube. I made 8 today but I think I'm going to space them out and not put them up all at one time. Real quick thing, if you do or don't like Taylor Swift, no matter what, check out her new cd.
I'm highly obsessed with playing this cd. Anyways hope everyone gets time to watch my videos, read my blog and subscribe!
*Beauty has no limits*
Cosmetic Catie

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Date Night


Get ready to scream! No joke people!
Me and my boyfriend decided to go on a late night date.
We chose the movies. And it was his turn to pick what movie and this is what we saw.
Let's just say I was
  1. Squeezing his hand/arm the entire movie!
  2. I covered my eyes 99.9% of the movie and peek watched.
Goodness gracious it was crazy. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone but let me just say, after watching this I understand the first Paranormal Activity much better.
I got NO sleep last night and continued to turn on lights. I felt so silly but it was worth it. Great movie. Definately worth the money. Has anybody else realized how crazy expensive it is for a movie ticket??
Hope everyone goes to watch it. Beauty videos will be put up tomorrow.
So excited. Hope this goes as planned!!!!!
*Beauty has no limits*
xoxo- Cosmetic Catie

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Chapter

And.. a twitter...and a blog!
Now I have to edit my first video and post it.
I'm so excited. Already have support and encouragement from my friends.
Hope everyone likes my videos!

Beauty has no limits...xoxo